Premier General Contracting and Handyman Services

Reliable and skilled general contractors and handymen for remodel or maintenance projects of all sizes. Our license number is B-1009677, and our general liability insurance coverage is $1 Million.

What We Offer

Our general contractors and handymen will fix your small repair needs and will complete larger improvement or maintenance projects for your home, office, retail store or industrial space. From landscaping to roof repair; from hanging shelves to light plumbing or electrical; from carpentry to gutters, drains and much more.

We specialize in working with property managers of multi-unit office and housing complexes.


Not exactly sure what needs help? Our professional assessment team will thoroughly inspect your property to determine what project plans work best for you.


Do you need to install a water heater, range, washer and dryer, or gas fireplace? For your installation needs, our general contractors and handymen can help install appliances according to local code regulations for a safer home.


Do your floors, roof, walls or windows need to be upgraded? We remodel bathrooms, kitchens or any part of your home that needs more ‘spark’.


Do you have a broken pipe, electrical issues or a broken piece of furniture? We will gladly assist you to repair and fix any issues you have in your home.


Gutters overflowing? Drains clogged? Is your carpentry falling apart? Do you have loose screws or a squeaky door? We clean gutters, drains, and maintain the exterior and interior of your home or commercial property.


Have you just moved in? Have you spent your weekend at Ikea or bought furniture you need to mount? We can help you install your furniture or with any mounting project you have.